The mission of “hochroth Minsk” is to publish contemporary Belarusian poets, those who live in Belarus and who were pressed into fleeing the country. Two years since its foundation, the publishing house has presented collections of poems in Belarusian, Russian, Polish, and Yiddish – a few of the languages used by contemporary Belarusian authors – as well as translations into some European languages.

“hochroth Minsk” was founded as a department of the German publishing house “hochroth Verlag”. The Belarusian publishing house was created because of the persecution of independent publishers in Belarus by the government. The main publisher is the poet Dmitry Strotsev

Hochroth books are manufactured by hand, have a uniform, elegant design, and each copy has a unique identification number. «All the books of the publishing house look like siblings, and this makes them even more homy» (Nasta Kudasava).