“innovative books to touch” (tagesspiegel)

hochroth is a publishing collective with six independent locations dedicated to the publication of poetry. The focus is on intensive cooperation with the authors and translators, high-quality book design, participation in contemporary literary life and international exchange.

hochroth was founded in 2008 by Marco Beckendorf in Berlin. In the years that followed, the programmatically independent locations in Bielefeld, Heidelberg, Leipzig, Munich and Wiesenburg emerged. In the meantime, locations in Budapest, Paris, Riga, Tübingen and Vienna were also active. Location “Hochroth Minsk” emerged in 2023 in Berlin. The “Hochroth Minsk” publishing house was founded as a department of German publishing house “Hochroth Verlag” https://www.hochroth.de/. Belarussian publishing house was created because of presecution of independent publishers in Belarus by illegitimate government. Mission of “Hochroth Minsk” is publishing contemporary Belorussian poets: those who live in Belarus and who were pressed into fleeing the country. A year since its foundation, the publishing house published 11 collections of poems in Belorussian, Russian, Polish and Yiddish – a few of the languages used by contemporary Belarusian authors.

hochroth books are manufactory-manufactured, numbered one-offs and appear in a uniform, bibliophilic design. The edition will be adjusted according to demand. In this way, we can also dare to take on high-quality literary projects with uncertain sales prospects or implement local campaigns with partners.